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Dog Nutrition

We believe wholeheartedly that each dog is different and unique in personality, size, breed,

the families they live with etc. But one fact remains, dogs require key basic elements from

their diet to live a fulfilled and healthy life.


Meat is the main essential ingredient within a dogs diet, even back through the  ancestry

of dogs, tracing the blood line back to the wolf, meat was the key provider of protein to

these animals and still remains as important today.


The fact that a dog food product contains 80% meat content is a good indication your dog would receive the invaluable protein needed in its diet, balance this with the other ingredients found naturally within its ancestors’ environment, such as fruit, vegetable, herbaceous plants and botanicals and you are giving back to your dog, what is naturally requires to thrive in life.


We believe that in creating a responsibly constructed dietary solution, we act in the best
interests of your pet, by providing them with the markets first 80% single source
protein foods, within our Duck, Chicken and Salmon offering.


Please, please read through the ingredients of your current dog food and compare
the example ingredient listed below, we are convinced that you will see the
value in our efforts to provide your pet the best nutritional support.


We want your dog to have the very best opportunity
of a long and healthy life.