About Us

Established in 2010, Heart Pet Supplies has provided Food and Accessories for all sorts of pets and animals for over a decade. With products from Major Brands and local Devon manufacturers too, there’s a wide range of items available to suit all needs and budgets.


We know that everyone can forget to stock up on their Pet Foods sometimes, or it just isn’t possible to get to the shop. We wanted this website to be the best of both worlds, where you can get the items you want, and it’s delivered to your door. Because we deliver it personally, there are no nasty postal charges and certainly no waiting around. That means we can bring the most competitive prices to our customers and a turnaround time that national internet sellers can’t match.


Help and Advice is something that we have always provided entirely free – and we continue to do so. Often if your pet has an ailment or even an allergy, a change in their diet can bring massive rewards. With our knowledge and a vast selection of products available to us through our wide network of suppliers, we can find a solution for your pet needs.

Meet the Family

We are a family business with a dedicated and loyal team of animal lovers who are only to willing to help, give advice and share in the joys of helping your family pets. Animals, you could say, are in our blood.

Paul & Kim

Heart Pet Supplies is led by animal lovers (and husband & wife) Paul & Kim who have dogs and cats. They have had cat Tilly for thirteen years. You may have met Spaniel Murphy and Labrador Poppy, our beloved shop dogs, for ten years. Sadly, they passed away from old age. Paul & Kim were convinced they wouldn’t have more dogs until a little Chihuahua crossed Jack Russel came in needing a home, and now, we have a new addition to the team as we warmly welcomed Spud to the Heart Pet’s family.

Scott & Zoe

Paul’s son Scott & wife Zoe work behind the scenes in the office with their two loveable pugs, Roxy and Rico. In the shop, you may be able to hear the distant sounds of barking and snorting from these two troublemakers. They are real-life teddy bears who love nothing more than sleeping on your lap unless there is food in the room.
They are always repping the shop’s best products for small dogs, from harnesses and jumpers to light-up collars.


Shop Manager Pete, and Paul’s brother, has worked at Heart Pets since 2012. He has an excellent knowledge of products and what pets need, especially birds, fish, and cats. Pete has had a cat Snooky for ten years. She is a beautiful ginger mink that likes to watch the news. He also has 46 fish named Bubbles 1, Bubbles 2, Bubbles 3… Bubbles 46.


Shop manager Jess is a dog lover through and through. Jess has four dogs who often come to work in the shop to lend their expertise on what treats taste the best and which beds are the comfiest. Although working Spaniels, they still love a cuddle. Always friendly, approachable and caring, Jess and her pack are always on hand to help.


Warehouse operative Matt, (and Pauls Son,) sorts out the deliveries of our massive range of stock each morning. He has a lovely big family that includes two cats, Alfie and Arthur. They are loveable but mischievous, playing pranks and sleeping in the strangest places. Their favourite time of year is birthdays, as they both love balloons… though they do not last long once they get hold of them.


Shaun is our delivery driver, big and strong to carry the heaviest of feeds but watch him turn into the biggest softie whenever he meets a pet. Heart of gold and always seeing the best in everyone, Shaun’s favourite pet is a rat, as he had one growing up called Frodo.


Our shop assistant Teoni is a horse girl by blood, she has always had horses. Teoni has a horse called Rio, the son of Mum’s horse, Marmalade. Daily care and being a keen rider have given Teoni an excellent knowledge of horse supplies, from feed to supplements. Teoni also has a dog, 3-year-old Luna, a Staffy cross Lurcher with a soft loving nature.