About Us

Established in 2010, Heart Pet Supplies has provided Food and Accessories for all sorts of pets and animals for over a decade. With products from Major Brands and local Devon manufacturers too, there’s a wide range of items available to suit all needs and budgets.


We know that everyone can forget to stock up on their Pet Foods sometimes, or it just isn’t possible to get to the shop. We wanted this website to be the best of both worlds, where you can get the items you want, and it’s delivered to your door. Because we deliver it personally, there are no nasty postal charges and certainly no waiting around. That means we can bring the most competitive prices to our customers and a turnaround time that national internet sellers can’t match.


Help and Advice is something that we have always provided entirely free – and we continue to do so. Often if your pet has an ailment or even an allergy, a change in their diet can bring massive rewards. With our knowledge and a vast selection of products available to us through our wide network of suppliers, we can find a solution for your pet needs.